Monday, January 18, 2016

Auscultating : Date 1

So L and I had our date in NU Sentral today.

It was okay, very decent dinner and discussion over 2 hours.

We talked about our work, our family, our high school and tertiary.

Just like any adults would.

L had to head back to work after due to peak season around the work place, so it ended there.

L insisted for a 2nd date, which I was okay with it.

However, a little voice inside me somehow sounded different.

To be realistic, L is pretty okay as a candidate. Working at a very young age and seemingly able to get promoted to the next level quite quickly. L had vision, have great plans for future career pathway, as well as a decent familial background.

Despite all these traits, I don't seemed to feel the romance.

Maybe its me being overly rational, or very steady. Or maybe because I'm older.

Or maybe because I was expecting a more dominant personality, which I think L probably wouldn't be offering.

I don't know. L doesn't seemed to be the one.

Or, its me because I don't need this yet. I don't have the need to be bound while I'm trying to seek for myself in my studies as well as my future career outcomes.

People often say, get one while you are progressing so the one will be your catalyst to a higher level.

But I feel like, I probably do not need this right now. All I need is to study hard, get to my dream job and dream place, and let relationship start after I'm all settled.

At least that's how I interpreted the date.

So as so, I've decided to give 2 more swipes in the social app, and plan to deactivate and uninstall it at 12am today; which I actually did.

The last chat was pretty much lame because the person wanted a fling, an experienced one so to speak; which I couldn't offer because I'm still a virgin. The precise words were:

"Virgin isn't an added value. I need experienced life partner."

Which I didn't find it offensive, but the person being really sex driven.

Of course all human are sexually driven, boys like me even more. But really, there are other apps for sex or flings out there.

Thanks to that, I've uninstalled the application and I'm now again a free man.

Well, I still have a date with L again; but that's after CNY anyways.

I promised to keep in touch, but I really have no idea should I be bothered to go on to more than just dates.


  1. told ya. the apps is just for flings. lol. kinda redundant actually as in the sense that everyone practically asking for the same thing

    1. its weird because two other apps are already dedicated for flings, can't this one be for relationship for real? I mean, some were okay but some are just idiots.