Monday, June 15, 2015

Buffetting : Wonder

Have you ever wonder on how a person may actually think or act differently with different people?

Lately I've encountered several instances on these matters.

There's this lady, named N.

So far she hasn't got much people around her to mingle with, probably due to her extremely egoistic nature and overly sense of dictatorship; more than I do. The difference between me and her is, she bosses; and I try my best to work with people.

Anyways, I have had lunch with another 2 more other girls, S and D; whom I thought were her closest people to call as friends to mingle with. Little do I know, they weren't really all fancy her either. It was a huge surprise for me, because they were really close usually and they talk about all flower dowery stuffs all the time, with pink cloudy puffs around when they interacts.

So apparently apart from partying, working with N is pretty oppressing because of the ego she has. What really awed me was, I couldn't believe the only 2 other person, who actually talks to N like BFFS actually would have such views of her behind her? Its pretty shallow to me, but D actually took it pretty seriously now on.

Now, there's another person I was speaking to L,whom lately has drifted. But I couldn't really help to realize what he has been doing and interacting with the people whom he actually talked about to me before.

An example would be the G story. So there's this dude G, who was pretty enthusiastic about knowing L after coming across somewhere over the rainbows. Initially L was actually talking about how G was really sensitive about various stuffs, to the point that I personally feel that L didn't fancy G much. Just lately, their interaction somewhere over the rainbows became, extra friendly?

I'd remember L was also talking about this other dude A on how promiscuous he was, and how different views they have had. Yet, lately that seemed to be changing?

I have no idea what L is thinking, or the progression of the social interaction between these people. Maybe it has been positive over the course that I've missed.

But somehow, I feel like it doesn't really justify the views L have had and have discussed with me before. Like, if you can do this to other people, heck what would I actually be one day? A source of gossip?

While I'm pretty sure I don't possess such influence and magnitude for a gossip source in the blogosphere, you can't deny the possibilities right?

All I'm trying to say is, I'm a pretty clear cut person. I know my values, the people I mingle with and the views I have usually stay until something drastic happens for me to declare my views. While I do not expect everyone to adhere to my views of conducts, its doesn't really mean I actually wouldn't notice or be bothered when conducts contradictory to my beliefs is in the air.

It's like high school drama, but oh well. 5 more papers to go, and I can finally continue with the posts lost since aeons ago.

on the side note, I'm going to Hokkaido this August, so watch out for more pictures!


  1. Aiyo... why so many alphabets geh? Watch out for more pictures? Hokkaido! Hokkaido! Your Kyoto Day 2 has been buried don't know how many feet under. Haha...

    1. Cause life is complicated!

      Kyoto day 2 will be up by next Wednesday night!

  2. We used to call that kinda people as the Sichuan Face Changer. They can be pretty much destructive like those tabloid papers.

    1. Lol. Nice way to put it. The thing its the person didn't really get the point at all? It's just sometimes frustrating that people are not aware of what they do.