Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Buffetting : Course Taken on Sem 8

Of all the semesters I have had, I would say this was the hardest and the worst.

Why? Because I was too busy doing everything else BUT academics:
- Vet Youth Summit Japan
- Equestrian Club Presidency
- WSAVA 2015 Congress Volunteer

I probably missed a total of 10 days class out of 70 days classes this semester.

Outcome- BAD. I'm not as good in multitasking as I would thought.

The courses this semester were:
1- Veterinary Pathology 3
2- Surgery and Anaesthesiology
3- Clinical Pathology
4- Clinical Skills
5- Diagnostic Imagine
6- Parasitology 2.

Veterinary Pathology 3:

Continuity from the 2nd course, we studied a lot on the how problems in each body system came about, the agents, the route of infection, the outcome and how they would look like grossly and microscopically. The systems covered this semester was extensive, including kidney, heart, reproductive, skin and skeleton,muscles and tendons.I struggled a lot for this subject this semester, mostly because I had little to no time for further reading. Bad sign.

Surgery and Anaesthesiology

This would be the craziest subject ever. Taking up one whole day of our time in the student surgery theater, we can barely take any break from the full dose of surgery and anesthesia practical. From the dosages of drugs required, their effects, factors to consider to suture materials, suture patterns, suture techniques, surgical skills and so much more; this is the real deal of a veterinary study. I came to consensus that I probably wouldn't be a great surgeon, I should strongly consider the route as an anesthesiologist; if I'm ever going to have more time to study.

Clinical pathology:

Blood works, biochemistry, urinalysis, fecal test you name it. I can practically read the blood works of my parents now to tell them what's going on with their body, if they were stressed, their kidney or liver functions, all the possible problems or suggestion of any changes in their body systems. This is pretty fun because the integration of all the knowledge made sense. But, it wasn't easy because I wasn't exposed to enough cases to see the common patterns yet. Nevertheless, it was an important subject.

Clinical Skills:

Everything under the sun to do with veterinary, this would be it. How to approach a horse, the physical examinations, what to do or what not to do, communicating with clients, history taking, palliative care, cancer treatment; its a skill. What I hated most about this subject was, we barely have enough time or practical sessions to brush up these skills. I'd hope the course cater more on Saturdays or Sundays for us to brush up in the skills. At least I can free out my weekends to not go for roadshows; taking up my study time.

Diagnostic imaging:

Another crazy subject, this course took on radiology, nuclear scintigraphy, ultrasonography, computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to god-like level. While Malaysian market still relies 95% on radiology, it was too, fun learning about other modalities. Radiology places an important role in a lot of cases for confirmation of diagnosis, and we learned so much; in fact too much this semester. Again, I would wish I had more time to digest them.

Parasitology 2:

Last but never the least, the continuity from the previous course; this time round the subject focused a lot on the epidemiology of the parasites in Malaysia, including the agent, environment and host as well as the factors and treatment plans in addressing the problems caused. It's a great subject with great importance to me, although sometimes it can get a little bland.

Overall, I would say I failed to strive academically this semester.

I was lazy, I procrastinated, I nose myself into a lot of non-academic stuffs;

I literally screwed up.

With my low end carry marks, I need to pick up a lot of slack to keep up with an first class grades; something I've still failed to do as my study break comes to its half.

Wish me luck in not procrastinating.

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