Monday, October 17, 2011

Buffetting : Busy Bee

Oh howdy mah blog, its like since Holocaust the last time I've kicked some texts into this black vortex of mine.

So recap on last post, I'm in university now!

Monash have seemed to accept my application as a medicine student in Sunway, so I'm now, again, torn between courses again.

Vet or Med? That's ze question.

Lets save that for the next post, back to vet.

I have a confession, UPM is treating me too well for me to hate it.

The new vet faculty is within walking distance, not to mention the latest and best residential college I'm being situated in, oh and the ever supporting student body of the vet fac.

So how's life as a DVM student in UPM?

It's really heck of an experience. We are like the pioneer program in the university, and due to our sole faculty and course structure, people around practically treat us like gods, even better than medic students because of our prestige over them.


Even for biochemistry, only vet course is given strict instruction for SUBJECTIVE questions only. Medic students have MCQs! Superiority of history much?

What's more the small size of the faculty literally makes everyone freakin noticeable, be it first year to fifth year, and staffs to lecturers and deans.

The lecturers and the deans are like classmates, coursemates, student-teachers; wacking each others' back during a conversation is totally normal.

Don't you just love the company around?

That's for the lecturer, as for the student body, they are quite the cool dudes too.

The seniors, well maybe 30 to 45% are really nice, and if you are the sporting type they treat you even better.

And UPM have this traditional system called the Buddy System, mostly within the students of their own races, and as for mine of course Chinese.

The Buddy, or so to speak aka our Direct Seniors will take us under their wings and be our guides throughout the years of us year 1 as DVM students.

Speaking of which, I had this little commotion between me and my direct senior due to some mis communication. And that is also for another post.

See how many OTHER posts I have to make? IT's like everything in the course just howl in like a wave of non-stop earthquake, and each of us year1 barely had the time to breathe.

Oh did I mention about my coursemates? Well, only 9 of us make up of STPM students, and there's only 9 chinese boys in the whole course consisting of 109 students.

See how endangered our current status is? Of course, not all Chinese boys took STPM, 2 girls took STPM, and the other 2 boys were from matrics and agriculture foundation.

The guys are cool, fun to be around. Not much of a problem living under the same roof with them, though our study methods and approaches might differ.

Well only one of us differ. You know how bookworms can get, and their freaking solitary modes by hitting the libraries and not partaking in activities. Oh well, I'm not a bookworm so lets just be me.

And the girls are cool too! We practically grew so much closer thanks to Course Night, which I have to save for another post.

Omgee I totally forgotten about Dogathon! Holy, the list of other posts we have till now is:

1-- Vet or Med?
2-- The little Buddy Commotion
3-- Dogathon
4-- Course Night
5-- Course mates
6-- Courses taken
7-- New language==> German(Yay! Ich bin ein Junge~)
8-- JLPT N2
9-- Food hunt!
10-- Transportation patience

Crap, how am I suppose to post all these? It's okay, I have a week of sem break to post on these XD

Oh well, by the way I'm test free! Well, maybe one last test, but that's totally unpreparable so screw that.


  1. All depends on whether you'd prefer treating dogs / cats / donkeys or human beings :) Since I'm not much into the outdoors, I figured medicine was my only choice then!

  2. @savante: seriously? im like on edge struggling here!!! I mean, oh I totally need a post to explain. will push your name on the top when I do!