Sunday, October 12, 2008


I guess taking the M n Ns WAS a bad idea after all..... I didn't expect the heat wa going to turn me off off 3 sucking days.... Ugh, found out i was sick during Mah Jong.... haha... Well, I guess the jacket actually helped a lot...
God.... 20++ more days to SPm and I'm still blogging, was the heck m i thinking?
Anyways, i enjoyed add maths today coz im actually faster than sebastian in Logs!!! Haha and i have no idea what is that to be happy about, as yuee jhian says:"A1 enough, don't stress....) YEah, easy for her to say, my A's are like borders... Results are as below:

BM: 67 B3
BI : 83 A1
BC: 64 B4
Add Maths: 88 A1
Mod Maths: 88 A1
Sejarah: 77 A1
Moral: 74 A2
Biology: 75 A1
Physics: 75 A1
Chemisty: 64 B4
EST: 75 A1

Gosh imagine that.... all in the borders.... and half of them i had tips! Especially sejarah and pn mah said: if u had the tips first hand, i think there is nothing to be proud of lar..." God darn! I was like, owh shit i got the tips... and throughout her whole lesson was a pain, but my inner ego keep telling me that i did no rely on the tips only, i did my revision seriously! Its just that i narrow the topics down to the tips when i got them, and pn mah and mahen gave us the tips TOO!!!! Owh well..... I guess there are no such crap in SPm, the only thing i can do is work hard....
Chinese!!!! I cant believe i got the HIGHEST score of my life in Essay (80/100) but the lowest in comprehension(48/100) DARN!!!! the comprehension pulled me down like shyt.... if i had maintained it at 50++ like i did normally, i would have got at least an A2!!!! Ugh.... Regretfull....

Chemistry... I can't believe i got 52/100 in the paper 2.... its like the worse score i had ever had since forever..... i dont even know wat happened there.... so many keywords there, yet the explaination was off, and the result was pulled down
EG Why does PVC is better material for water pipes than iron
My answer: Becuase it does not rust as easily as iron
Real answer: Because it does not rust.
See.... i think u get what i mean lar....

Bm, pn ajmah... i can only say god bless you..... it was easy... but i guessu wanted more, which i have nO Idea what u wanted.. anyways, u r reli nice ok?

88 for both maths subject, hope i do not tremble in SPM and got low for them.. i can only say the papers were easy... especially add maths, i was doin it swiftfully... cant say i didnt cheat coz i got the paper 2 tips, but i got 69/80 for paper 1 ok? i was really easy... and paper 2, well ican only say i was lucky... and i did all the questions myself, without copying the answer scheme or any crap others got ok?Plus, it was really easy to get full marks for the index price!

Sciences, paper 3 i got tips, but doesnt make much different with or without it, it was pretty much useless... all the more reason to take the paper out of the syllabus!!! It pulls our results down.... and experiments are not to memorized, but to understand Hishamuddin!!!! sorry i have to say that kz but internet is a free web area, so i say what i want to say...

Well, cant say i didn't work hard coz i did, guess i nid more pressure for spm coz im still bloggin.....

Ugh, i cant keep my eyes off someone.... Being with the person in BBM room was comfortable last friday.. really hope we can continue spending time together but... I don't think that is possible.... I felt so happy and aprreciated with that person....Argh... why m i always challenging the impossibles and the abnormals? I AM problematic...

Quotes of the day:
Jer rEnn: Yong bin got sick because he saw you!
Izwan: Lucky he saw me because he would have die when he saw YOU!
Jer Renn was speechless
Gabriel: I didn't knew you have such huge phone yong bin.

Yong Bin: Duuh big guys have big phones, not like this guy over here( EE Kang) having such small tiny phone.. sony ericcson walkman seires... some flat phone, mine was K800i, big phone.
Jer Renn: I was about to say the same thing...

Signing off,
Binn--- Changing to 黒桜

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