Saturday, May 5, 2018

Auscultating : Japanlore, Finally

Well, I'm not too sure if the blogosphere mates were all friends of mine in the social media (SNS is what they call in Japan, the short form of Social Networking Sites), but I just wanna announce that I'm finally in Japan!

From previous posts you probably have known that I'm enrolled in a doctorate program for Veterinary Internal Medicine, and I'm currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine in Hokkaido University.

The place is situated in the city center, Sapporo, so I still get to enjoy the vast vibrant city life.

Spring comes late in Hokkaido, so the cherry blossom viewing has just began this week. But as late as the spring comes, cherry blossom in Hokkaido withers fast too due to the rainy season.

I'll try to update as frequent as possible, for some reasons my momentum to blog withered over the years.

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