Friday, May 8, 2015

Buffetting : I'm Free

For very complex reasons that I took up the torch as the president of the Equestrian Club on 13th May 2014, and today I'm finally stepping down.

Progressing from preclinical years to clinical years, I can feel the toll of clubs on my studies and responsibilities and a vet student significantly this semester.

One of the main reasons I took up the club was to steer myself away from the pain when T broke up with me on 13th of May, leading to my impulse acceptance of the position. I can't believe I was able to smile like the picture above on that day T decided to break up with me. Pretty tough I guess.

Another reason was, me being me trying to have another stage or spotlight I guess.

Stubby said I was just being me. I just don't reject people. I will just burn myself out and still do what people ask me to do, in this case the president of the club. I have yet to know the concrete reason I did this, because I simply don't get anything except more wrinkles and HR management experience from managing this club.

At any rate, I stepped down tonight, and time for me to focus more on my body and studies. Body before the studies, for sure this time round.

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