Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Buffetting : No breather

I was hoping I could post on Day 2 of Kyoto but no avail even during the mid semester break. So much is going on right now and I literally have to slash of all these before the long post comes:

1- Annual General Meeting for Equestrian Club 2015
2- Radiology Test 2
3- Surgery Test 2
4- Clinical Pathology Test 2
5- Clinical Skill Test 2
6- Pathology Test 2
7- WSAVA Conference in Bangkok

Gosh there is REALLY a lot going on!

On the side note, surgery went well with my great team mates! I couldn't have done better without anyone of them; or other coursemates for that matter! They were literally MY angels in the OT!

On another note, housing loans and legalities are now finally done! Time to plan for a new house renovation soon to move in next semester, in my own house.


  1. I kinda envy how you can keep your blog posted.. Its been a loooong time since I update anything. What keep you motivated to blog? ^^;

  2. Hahaha I know right? But trust me morale has been really low these days and I am too busy to plan posts these days XD

    Motivation came from readers I guess? And I place to express more without people judging too much. Trust me, there are readers*yes I'm point at you!* who will pester the continuity of some other posts hahahaha

    This September onwards, however will still be a mystery if I would be able to post up stuffs with my current frequency

    1. lol.. I wanted to resume my blogpost.. but.. Well, this month gonna be wayyy crazy keeping up with the fyps and everything. so.... settle that one first! lol

      Keep on posting!!

      I feel blog is still the best place to make logs of our life in comparison to facebook. But just need to start writing.XD

    2. Make time, its hard I know. But that's really all we can do!