Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Buffetting : Hectic

As much as I want to flaunt great looking pictures, my schedule doesn't permit me. What's scary is test 1 is in just 2 more weeks while I'm freaking out!

Maybe this can just be one of the teasers:

These are the multiple shrine structures named Torii( 鳥居) only found in the Fujimi Inari Shrine in EastSouthern Kyoto, accessible via the Keihan Line right infront of the shrine itself. The main reason this place is filled with these is due to the worshiping of corporations, including famous ones like Uniqlo to the Inari mountain to get the blessings from the God.

This is my first majestic view of the Fujimi Inari prefecture from the top of the Mount Inari. It was a long climb, it literally took my breathe away; but it proved my love for Japan 7 years ago was never wrong.

Now that we are done with the teaser, time for me to get back to renal pathology.